French Romance, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladies Replica Watch Recommended

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Currently, according to the new watches launched by influential watch brands, it is not difficult to find that the proportion of women’s watches is increasing. From the side, it is reflected that eyes are no longer exclusively for men, and more and more women wear watches. Many working women around me have the habit of wearing watches. A suitable look can enhance their aura and stand out from the crowd. Today we recommend three Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches, which are ideal for mature women to wear.

Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual series. In addition to the 39mm model, there are 26, 31, and 34mm models with unique new surfaces. The new model complements the 31 and 36-mm Oyster Perpetual launched in 2014, forming a collection that includes a variety of sizes and attractive textures, fully embodying the legendary image of Rolex. The red grape-colored surface is available in all sizes – 26, 31, 34, 36, and 39 mm, linking this collection of watches to each other.

Oyster Perpetual 26 watch, suitable for women, 904L stainless steel Oyster case, 26 mm diameter, screw-down Rolex triangular-shaped case back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 meters, Rolex caliber 2231 self-winding, Swiss Observatory Certified (COSC), central hours, minutes and seconds, seconds with a pause for accurate time adjustment, 28,800 vibrations/hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning, power Reserve about 48 hours, olive green sunray effect surface, 904L stainless steel Oyster three-bar solid link chain with folding Oysterclasp, very stable and comfortable.

The Oyster Perpetual series’ Oyster case is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 meters and is a model of sturdiness and reliability. The uniquely shaped middle case is made from the original solid 904L steel, which is challenging to corrode. The triangular pit bottom cover is screwed with a unique tool exclusive to the brand so that the case is completely sealed, and only a Rolex watchmaker can open it. The winding crown adopts the Rolex double-lock double waterproof system, which is firmly screwed to the case. In addition, the mirror surface is made of blue crystal, which is not easy to scratch. The water-resistant Oyster case of the Oyster Perpetual provides the best protection for high-precision movement.

The Oyster Perpetual watch is similar to the first waterproof Oyster watch that came out in 1926. Rolex is world-famous for its Oyster watches. These watches share all the essential qualities of the Oyster Perpetual series – precise timing, water-resistant Oyster case, perpetual oscillating weight self-winding movement. The new generation of the Oyster Perpetual has an anti-reflective coating on the back of the sapphire crystal to ensure the dial is clear and easy to read.

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual 76094 Silver Baton 26MM White Gold Case

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual 67193 Black Baton 24MM Steel & Yellow Gold Case

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual 177200 Blue Roman Numerals and White Dial 31MM Steel Case

Generally, the quality of these three top-quality Rolex ladies’ Oyster Perpetual replica watches is still outstanding and of high quality. The Lady Oyster Perpetual 26 is an example of an avant-garde aesthetic. We have always been unique in the aesthetics of our craftsmanship. Our website continues the quality and precious value of the original factory. All replica watches have precise scales and high durability. We strive for a different style, so we continue incorporating craftsmanship and limitless creativity into every piece. We promise that all replica watches are made of 1:1 replicas. If you are interested in replica watches, you can enter our website to browse and purchase. We will provide you with the highest quality replica watches and the best service. Please get in touch with us if you need the original box, deep water resistance, or other straps.

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