The replica watch can be so realistic!

In recent years, with the development of the Swiss watch industry, there have been many high imitation watches on the market. So, what is the difference between these so-called high imitations and genuine watches? What is the quality?

First, we learned that there are mainly three types of high imitation watches on the market: general high imitation watches, fine imitation watches, and replica watches. The available high imitation watch is the lowest imitation product. The simulation degree is shallow, the appearance is very rough, and many details have not been made. At first glance, it is made of plastic, and it is easy to identify fakes. The price of the fine imitation watch is slightly higher than the previous one. Because its appearance and artistry have been greatly improved, it will look more realistic, but the materials used inside these watches are very cheap. It is not exceptionally durable, and the price is meager. The replica watch is the top among these imitation watches. Next, I will talk about their differences and quality issues in detail.

1. Quality

 In terms of quality, Swiss watches go through an extended functional test after assembly to ensure that there are no problems after they are put on the market. After the replica watch is assembled, it only needs to go through a few simple inspection steps, and many regular manufacturers will conduct strict inspections.

2. Raw materials

 Many watch brands use 316L stainless steel, and a few use precious metals such as platinum, gold, and diamonds. Some imitation watches are gold-plated or packaged with K gold. However, the raw materials used by many regular manufacturers are no different from genuine products.

3. Movement

The most famous Swiss watches are Swiss ETA movements, and most people have improved the ETA movement to make the walking time more accurate and stable. Most domestic imitation watches use domestic seagull movements, Shanghai movements, or Swiss ETA companies, such as 2671, 2824, 2836, etc. The eyes made of these Swiss movements can reduce the repair rate, and it is best to choose this movement if possible.

4. Watch mirror

The replica Rolex glass is made of sapphire glass, which can see the dial. By comparing the dial details and the genuine product, there is no difference to the naked eye. Looking through the eyepiece, you can see some differences between the two watch windows. Although the replica Rolex mechanical watch looks a bit impetuous, the font of the calendar can be said to be a high simulation.

5. Appearance

The comparison of the Rolex Green Water Ghost shows that the difference between the replica and the genuine product is not particularly large. These replicas are made 1:1 from the original, using the same standard and size. The designs of many regular factories are closer to the real ones.

6. Hands

Many Rolex replica mechanical watches are designed with large hands, treated with luminous. It is the same as the genuine product, and there may be color differences, but the naked eye cannot recognize it. The color of the actual product is brighter and more durable than the replica.

7. Price

Nowadays, the price of many high-precision imitation watches is very different from genuine products. The price of international watches is basically between tens of thousands to millions. The cost of these replica watches is more cost-effective, ranging from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, which undoubtedly gives consumers a lot of choices, all within their affordable range, so the market trend of replica watches is becoming more and more it is good.

8. After sales

Most replica watch market has no straightforward after-sales service, but they are repaired at the local watch shop. So how important is it to choose an after-sales website to buy replica watches? These services are entirely up to them.

9. Market

 Many replica watches are now very skilled in the production process, and they are all 1:1 replicas. Compared with the genuine product, it is entirely invisible to the naked eye, so now replica watches are becoming more and more popular.

So is the replica watch fake?

Those who love watches know very well whether replica watches are fakes. What is the difference between a replica watch and a high imitation? Although everyone knows that these are fake compared to genuine ones, there are also good and bad points. Although the realistic replica watches are replicas, they do not look fake. Many high imitation replica watch services and production processes are similar to the genuine ones.

True or false, who knows? Now it seems that the replica watch is at the top of the high imitation watch. Many well-known domestic manufacturers are 1:1 imitation, the movement is the best, and the case and strap are 316L. Made of stainless steel, most of the mirrors are sapphire glass, which is very realistic, and the price is basically within a few thousand. Assuming that the replica watch is replaced with a Swiss movement, it is the top replica.

How long can a replica watch be worn?

First of all, we have to look at the movement and structural design of the watch. The method of some looks is very complex, making them difficult to reproduce, and has a relatively short lifespan, but this is relative, and some can wear for a long time after being repaired. Replica watches with simple functions will have a longer life, such as seagull movements and Japanese movements. There are also some equipped with Swiss movements. This type of movement has stable and better performance. For the appearance, it is the performance of the watch movement itself question.

 Secondly, a person’s habit of wearing a replica watch is essential. Some people may take good care of them after buying them, treating them genuinely. And some people wear it as a fake watch after buying it. Of course, they are very dissatisfied with it. For example, they will say that the strap case is not good. As a result, the watch is easy to enter the water, and once there is a bump, it will cause problems with the movement components. Compared with those waterproof watches in life, one should pay attention to try not to swim with the clock, and it is best not to touch the water because it will be particularly troublesome to corrode the movement once it enters the water. It is important to note that some genuine watches will be affected by magnetic fields, resulting in more significant errors.

Finally, many people still want to ask about the wearing method of the replica watch. For example, the large second hand generally does not need to be turned on in functional chronograph models. Still, some customers do not understand that they have been turning it on to keep time since they bought it, which will cause the error of the movement to become larger and larger. This situation is the most serious. And generally cannot be repaired. There are also some replica watches, one of which is locked, and some people will pull it out, which will lead to the phenomenon of water ingress. There are also some replica watches. If you want to debug the time, pay special attention to the fact that you cannot adjust the calendar from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., which will cause the runner to break, and many problems are not listed one by one.

Generally speaking, there is no problem with wearing a top replica watch for a few years as long as you cherish it and wear it with an authentic attitude. The second is the after-sales problem, which is choosing the kind of honest merchants to buy. The service attitude of the mall provided by our company is the best. If you want to know about the replica watch, you can click the following link to enter our mall to buy!

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