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Is the market for replica watches so hot just because they are cheap? No, they are also of high quality.

Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963. It has a classic three-lap design, like three tracks. The built-in timing function is designed to meet the timing needs of professional endurance racers. It is equipped with a reliable outer ring of the tachometer scale. The top speed is 400 kilometers per hour and miles per hour. […]

There are so many charms and advantages of replica Rolex.

The feeling that Rolex gives to people has always been “a symbol of successful people in the world.” The Rolex watch that best reflects this statement is the Day-Date type that has been called the “Rolex Head of State” for decades. The Day-Date watch, which came out in 1956, achieved a remarkable innovation: it was […]

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Yacht-Master, born in 1992, is the youngest Rolex series. The Yacht-Master series is a series created by the brand for yacht racing. However, the original Yacht-Master watch does not have a special timing function and can only be manually timed by rotating the bezel. This is the original design of Yacht-Master. With the continuous development […]